• To strengthen the collaboration among members; to jointly promote the economic developments, financial stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, and to contribute to the development of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.
  • To promote the economic and financial cooperation between Hong Kong, the Mainland, and other countries or regions.
  • To establish communications with other industries, regulators and relevant departments of the central government and the Hong Kong SAR government.
  • To supervise Member organizations in their implementation of the national policies as well as compliance with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong; to strengthen the self-discipline within the industry, and to pursue mutual developments through fair competition.
  • To build the goodwill of Chinese banks, protect interests of Chinese banks and create favourable environments for the development of Chinese banks; to express opinions on matters of common interests to the government and other institutions in Hong Kong and Mainland.
  • To organize researches on major economic and financial issues; to provide professional opinions and advices to the government in Hong Kong and Mainland; to exchange information and knowledge among Members and other organizations by means of seminars, training courses, talks, conferences and exhibitions.
  • To publish newsletters, journals, books, or articles via hardcopy and online/mobile platforms.
  • To encourage and assist Members to resolve commercial disputes by way of reconciliation; to organize or promote recreational activities between Members as well as other organizations, so as to foster friendship.